Crazy Running

Middle and High School Clinics and Summer Mentoring

This exciting new Crazy Running program is specifically designed for the older middle school and high school runner who would like to take their running to the next level!  Tuesday evening sessions will include an easy run, mentoring and education on running topics, and there will be time to address your runner’s questions.  Runners will have the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches, including an Olympic Trials Finalist.  We understand running from a long-term perspective, and want to help guide your young athlete to a healthy, successful running career.

Topics to be discussed:  

Summer Conditioning Clinics





All Runners ages 10+ ( high school and adults are welcome)

  1. Sundays 4:00 - 6:00pm

  2. Session 1:  JUN 29, JUL 6, 13, 20

  3. Session 2:  AUG 3, 10,17,24

  4. Session 3:  SEP 7, 14, 21, 28

Hanes Park Track

$90 per session or $25 per practice


Form Drills


Mental Toughness

Sports Psychology


Active-Isolated Stretching

Dynamic Mobility Drills

Race Tactics

Gender-Specific Issues

Blue Cross / Blue Shield Winston-Salem Employees - Ardmore RAH 5k Training

This 10 week 5k training program is specifically designed for Winston-Salem's Blue Cross/ Blue Shield employees!  Crazy Running training will prepare you to successfully complete the Ardmore RAH 5k Run on Saturday, October 18, 2014.  Training will focus on proper running form, conditioning, general strength, flexibility, good nutrition and race preparation.  Workouts will include proper warmup instruction, a challenging workout, cool-down, strength work and stretching.  Workouts can be adapted for 5k beginners, or veteran runners who would like more of a challenge.  We are excited to lead BC/ BS employees in 10 great weeks of exercise followed by a fun, rewarding celebration of completing a race and accomplishing a fitness goal!  




Blue Cross / Blue Shield Winston-Salem Employees

Monday/ Thursday,  6:00 - 7:00pm

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield location