What is Crazy Running?

Crazy Running offers running, track and field, and conditioning programs for young athletes ages 8 – 14. We also offer a Junior Crazy Running program for ages 5 – 7 years old.

5 reasons why your child will LOVE Crazy Running?

  • Teamwork-Every kid loves the power of holding a baton and getting it to your teammate fast makes you a relay king!
  • Strength and toughness-Push ups, Squats, planks, burpees... you name it we do it. Kids might complain at times, but they often comment later on how much stronger they feel.
  • Determination-Nothing is more rewarding than holding a plank longer or wall sitting for even a second longer than your coach.
  • We have fun- I'm not sure who has more fun, our coaches or the kids. Everyone loves flag tag, blob tag, and sharks in minnows.
  • We have more fun!-When it comes to acting silly or goofy, kids often don't have a problem. Some of our games often gives our kids a chance to act like certain animals while they are hopping or crawling around.

Crazy Running is now in 3 cities, over 25 schools, and over 1,000 kids participating throughout the year. Our goal is to positively impact the health and future of young athletes through running. Challenging exercise is made fun, and through the discipline of running, young athletes learn the importance of goal setting, mental toughness, determination and perseverance.