Top Ten Reasons Kids love Crazy Running

10) Relays:

Every kid loves the power of holding a baton and getting it to your teammate fast makes you a relay king!

9) Feeling Stronger:

Push ups, Squats, planks... you name it we do it. Kids might complain at times, but they often comment later on how much stronger they feel.

8) Getting dirty:

At first this can be a shock to most kids. Not knowing what to do when they get mud on their hands. Running to Coach Robyn and asking "what should I do?" Often the response they get, "wipe them on your shorts and let's do it again!" 

7) Feeling Tough:

No one and I mean no one likes burpees, but kids feel really tough after they have cranked out a set. 

6) Popsicles:

Although its rare, a summer time after practice treat is rewarding. When coaches have made the toughest workout yet and you finally finished practice there is nothing like a nice cold I'm-Sorry-for-the-super-tough-workout-popsicle. 

5) Fearless Leader:

A game of the ages. Everyone remembers follow the leader and you just know the rules, it's just in your DNA. Getting chosen as a fearless leader...there is nothing quite as sweet!

4) Beating the Coaches:

Nothing is more rewarding than holding a plank longer or wall sitting for even a second longer than your coach. 

3) Flag Tag:

I'm not sure who has more fun, Coach Donnie or the kids. Everyone wants to be a sneaky ninja and this game gives you every chance to be one.

2) Embrace your inner animal:

When it comes to acting silly or goofy, kids often don't have a problem. Some of our games often gives our kids a chance to act like certain animals while they are hopping or crawling around.

1) Racing others is fun:

It is possibly every JR Crazy Runners favorite part of practice. They love to race and watch their competitors as they weave all over the track. The older kids take racing each other to a whole other level though. Every activity becomes a race!