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Spring Track & Field

This is a program designed to teach young athletes the fundamentals of Track and Field – jumps, hurdles, sprints and distance events! Athletes will do lots of running, sprinting, jumping, bounding, stretching, speed development, endurance development, form drills, strength exercises and more! This program is GREAT EXERCISE, awesome conditioning, and speed development! 

CRAZY RUNNING KIDZ TRACK MEET @ Forsyth Country Day School, Saturday, June 15, 2019–  This fun, fast-paced, kid-friendly meet is open to any youth (ages 5 – 14) that would like to participate. Events contested will be the   1-mile, 100 meters, 800 meters, 400 meters, Turbo Javelin, Shot Put and long jump. 

Junior Crazy Runners (age 5-7)
Crazy Runners (ages 8-14)
Wednesday/Sunday – 5:00 – 6:00pm
May 17th - June 10th, 2020
Hanes Park Track
$80 - per child
Crazy Running Kidz Track Meet
         June 13th, 2020
@ Forsyth Country Day School

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Kidz Track Meet

Our goal is to create an environment that allows kids of all levels of experience to feel welcome to this track meet. The Crazy Running Kidz Track Meet is a fun, fast-paced, kid-friendly, low-key track meet competition for young athletes. Five track events, and three field events will be contested in heats based on age and gender.  The meet will be hand-timed.  The track meet will run on a rolling schedule. Our hope is to be done in 2hrs. Participation will be limited to the first 150 entrants.

Crazy Runners (ages 5-14)
Saturday, June 13th, 2020
Athlete check in starts @ 8:00a
Field events start @ 8:30a
First Running event starts @ 9:00a
Forsyth Country Day School
Field Events Start at 8:30:
Shot Put (athletes 8 & Up)
Javelin (athletes 5 & Up)
Long Jump (athletes 5 & Up)
First Running Event Starts at 9:00:
50 meter (athletes 5 & Under)
1 Mile (athletes 10 & Up)
100 meter (athletes 5 & Up)
800 meter (athletes 9 & Up)
400 meter (athletes 5 & Up)
200 meter (athletes 5 & Up)

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Hanes Spring  Summer

Summer Speedsters

We know families usually have a full summer schedule planned. In an effort to keep kids active over the summer and get them away from computer screens we are offering flexible programing. We will host 18 Crazy Running sessions and with the purchase of one punch card you can attend any 9 sessions you choose. (The punch card works on the honor system) If you plan on being in Winston-Salem all summer, then you can buy two punch cards and join us for every single summer practice.

Our Summer Speedsters program will have a focus on getting kids prepared for fall sports. There will be a conditioning component and a speed development component. Each practice will follow a similar structure with a warmup run, form running drills, a workout, a cool down run, and stretches. Our workouts include lots of running, plyometrics, sprints, agility drills, and hills.  As with all of our Crazy Running programs we disguise our workouts with fun games and team challenges. Be sure to bring a water bottle, wear comfortable athletic shoes, and athletic gear. 


Hanes Park


Crazy Runners Jrs age 5-7

Crazy Runners age 8-14


June 15th - August 4th, 2020

Monday & Wednesday 6-7pm


Hanes Park Track


6 practice Punch Card for $65

8 practice Punch Card for $80

16 practice Punch Card for $145

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Coach Donnie is a nationally ranked runner in the steeplechase. Coach Donnie’s favorite running quote is, “8 weeks in the dirt changes things!”