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Kidz Track Meet

Our goal is to create an environment that allows kids of all levels of experience to feel welcome to this track meet. The Crazy Running Kidz Track Meet is a fun, fast-paced, kid-friendly, low-key track meet competition for young athletes. Five track events, and three field events will be contested in heats based on age and gender.  The meet will be hand-timed.  The track meet will run on a rolling schedule. Our hope is to be done in 2hrs. Participation will be limited to the first 150 entrants.

Crazy Runners (ages 5-14)
Saturday, June 17th, 2017
Athlete check in starts @ 8:30a
Field events start @ 9:00a
First Running event starts @ 9:30a
Forsyth Country Day School
Shot Put (athletes 8 & up)
Javelin (athletes 5 & up)
Long Jump
50 meter (athletes 4 & Under)
1 Mile (athletes 10 & up)
100 meter
800 meter (athletes 9 & up)
400 meter
Starts @ 9:00a
Starts @ 9:00a
Starts @ 9:00a
Starts @ 9:30a
Rolling schedule

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