• Winter Conditioning

Winter Conditioning

Training Progam

by Winston-Salem



Crazy Running – Winter Conditioning, one of our most popular training sessions, is 8-weeks of endurance development, strength and speed building exercise for youth ages 8 – 14.  Sixty-minute workouts are designed and led by a USA Track and Field certified coach.

Workouts include running, stretching, strength training, running form work, plyometrics, speed development and more!

The Crazy Running program motivates, encourages, and challenges young athletes to push themselves, improve their fitness and develop their athletic ability.  Athletes can participate in both the Sunday/ Thursday practices, or choose one day a week.

Crazy Running Winter Conditioning will help the young athlete:

Be more prepared for spring sports

Increase speed and endurance

Improve core strength

Increase overall fitness in the off-season

Become a stronger athlete!

Play Crazy, Run Hard!