Your Child’s Shoes Do Matter

Maintaining and caring for a child’s feet will benefit their health, mobility and wellbeing throughout their entire lives. It is important to remember that children are not small adults. They are physically and emotionally different and, most importantly, they grow.

The human foot is a highly complex structure, composed of 26 bones working together to allow the foot to adapt to uneven walking surfaces, and acting as a shock absorber with each step. These bones are usually fully hardened by the age of 18.

During a child’s development, the foot can be at risk from injury and deformity due to ill-fitting footwear and great care should be taken with shoe types and shoe fitting.  It should be remembered that the foot can not be considered in isolation to the rest of the leg or body. Any postural foot abnormality could have an effect further up the body, altering posture and walking style. This is similar to the way that poor foundations can cause general structural problems and instability to a house.

Fleet Feet Sports provides footwear fittings for kids sizes 11 (children) – 6 (youth).   Through their biomechanics and gait analysis they will ensure your child is wearing footwear that is proper for their biomechanical needs.

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