Our Story

During summers in Winston-Salem North Carolina, Robyn McElwee felt her kids needed some activity to keep them healthy and happy. She felt many of the sports that were offered might have left her kids on the side lines waiting to get in some playing time. That’s when Robyn got to thinking, “there have to be some fun, creative games I can come up with in my backyard.” Drawing from her track and field background and creative mind, she came up with brilliant games that had all three kids having fun. That’s when Crazy Running was born. The first official program was run in Hanes Park in the summer of 2009. It all began with a group of twelve kids training on the track! Crazy Running would host a Fall program that year also and then go on to incorporate in September 2010. For the next few years Crazy Running would have multiple seasons per year at Hanes Park and the company began to host programs at local elementary schools after school. Fast forward a few years, Robyn, still competitively racing after having three kids, was looking to step up and run her fastest downhill road mile. Seeking a coach who could help her, Robyn asked the advice of a young runner, Donnie Cowart, in a local running store if he knew anyone that could be of any help. Donnie mentioned he would be happy to give her some thoughts on her training. Within the week, Robyn had hired her new coach and trusted him with her training. Later that summer, she shattered her old personal best and was ready to bring in a partner into Crazy Running. After a few conversations about Crazy Running, they both realize that they shared a vision to bring the fun and excitement of Crazy Running to people all over the state of North Carolina and beyond. Since they have joined forces, Crazy Running has grown its presence in Winston-Salem to 12 Elementary School locations, the original flagship Hanes Park program still operates 5 seasons every year, and there are 3 franchise locations across the state. 


Our Tykes are working on building coordination, stamina and focus all while playing FUN Crazy Running games!


The Juniors move, move, move, and have lots of fun! The JR Crazy Running curriculum is game and play focused to help capture kids attention span for the full 60 minutes.


Throughout our training, we will learn about “what it takes” to become a good runner – goals and determination, endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, good nutrition, and race preparation. Be prepared to do lots of running, sprinting, jumping, bounding, stretching, and strength exercises! Our Crazy Running workouts are appropriate for an 8 year old that needs to get moving more, and they have challenged a 14 year old that can run a 6:00 mile – so don’t worry, your child will not be left behind, and they will certainly be challenged!


Our teen Crazy Runners are learning more about structured training.

Our Crazy Running Teen workouts are perfect for 13-17 year olds who would like a fun, social way to get fit and move. Workouts will include some running of course, general strength work, mobility and flexibility. Crazy Running Teen workouts will have an emphasis on getting a great cardio and strength workout while having fun together. 

Workouts will be appropriate for any teenager, no running experience required


Robyn Land McElwee
 Robyn is the founder and creator of Crazy Running. It all began in her backyard with her own children, some cones and a dream. Now, her running influence reaches nearly a thousand kids a year, and she has coached many high school runners to Division 1 scholarships. When in high school herself, Robyn was a 4-time Western Regional champion, 2-time NC State XC Champion & 2-mile State Champion. In college she specialized in the 5000 and 10,000-meters at Virginia Tech. Don’t let her 25 years of running experience and competitive racing scare you. Robyn has a conservative approach to training our youth. She is a USATF certified coach and co-authored My Trainer Fitness for Kids. If you are looking for someone to teach your children to become better runners, there is no better choice.

Donnie Cowart
 Donnie, a native of Rustburg, VA, is a 2009 graduate of VMI, where he holds the school record in the indoor mile and the 3,000-meter steeplechase. Competing in both cross-country and track, Cowart capped his career at VMI with his 8:44.66 and Division I All-American finish in the steeplechase at the 2009 NCAA Championships.  Since graduation, Donnie has made three USATF Outdoor Championship Finals and the 2012 Olympic Trials Final where he finished 4th. Recently Donnie broke the 4-minute mile barrier running 3:58.43 for a full mile on the track.