Owner / Operator

Bebe Ramzah

I was diagnosed with Hereditary Hypertension at a young age and at that time had no idea how that diagnosis would forever change and shape my life. I was taking 5 different medications to control my blood pressure and found myself in an out of the hospital. On one of my many visits to the ER, I was given a wake up call, when the doctor told me that if I didn’t get my blood pressure under control I would end up with permanent heart damage and possible kidney failure. He advised me to start exercising.  I purchased a gym membership and can still remember the 1st time I  entered the gym at 185 pounds, scared and feeling so intimidated. 

I started walking on the treadmill which turned into running and it was then that my health and fitness journey began. The rest is history!

Today I’m an avid runner, Health and Fitness Enthusiast, Boston Marathon Qualifier, NCHS Level 1 Coach, Certified Barre Instructor, I created and taught a Fit Kids Bootcamp at the Bryan YMCA and Coached Kiser Middle School Track & Field. I’m also a former American Heart Association Ambassador where I’ve had the opportunity to teach several Couch to 5K Programs and most importantly I have my Hypertension under control!

Coaching Philosophy

“I feel that it’s so important for us to get our kids up, active and moving more. We must instill in them at a young age the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. I’m so thankful to be a part of the Crazy Running Team and to be able to share my passion for running, health and fitness with the kids of Alamance County!”