NEW! Virtual Training Option

You will have access to 12+ videos, each 30-40 minutes long. These videos will engage your child, and make exercising FUN. They are meant to recreate a typical Crazy Running practice without having to travel to one of our locations. Your child can do these videos on their own time, as many times as they want. Our virtual training option is a great supplement for p.e. classes, or just to keep kids moving. Check out our social media page for a short sample video.

Summer Training at the Park-Huntersville

 Who:Homeschool Crazy Runners (ages 4-14)
 When:See information HERE.
 Where:Richard Barry Park Track
Cost:TBD, options vary.
Race:May 1st.

Summer Camp at the Park-Mooresville

 Who:Homeschool Crazy Runners (ages 4-14)
 When:See information HERE.
 Where:Bellingham Park
Cost:via Town of Mooresville.
Race:See information HERE.