Lake Norman Programs Overview

Crazy Running is an engaging track and field program introducing youth athletes to the joy of running while simultaneously inspiring them to live healthy and confident lives. Our programs are age-appropriate, kid-tested and developed by a USA Track and Field certified coach. We teach our athletes the fundamentals of track and field – jumps, hurdles, throws, sprints and distance events! Athletes will do a lot of running, sprinting, jumping, bounding, stretching, speed development, endurance development, form drills, strength exercises and more! We also incorporate imaginative games, and elements of creative play to engage and encourage our youngest runners. Athletes are divided into groups based on the ages of those in attendance, and all are challenged.

In addition to the expert-designed curriculum, each of our coaches has been trained to work specifically with children while being proficient in national safe sport practices via completion of the U.S. SafeSport training course.

If you have interest in Crazy Running at your school, please let Kahlie know.