Training Plans

Looking to train for a mile? Or a Marathon? Or some distance in between? We can you prepare for that! We write plans for middle school & high school Cross Country and Track athletes as well as adults looking to get faster. Plans include daily mileage, running workouts, core routines, strength routines, and more. We can also help with training questions on a number of different topics. Plans start at $150 per month. Email Coach Donnie for more details or questions.

Training Consult or One-On-One

You need some help with form running mechanics? Want a consult about your training plan? Have questions related to training? We can help! We can provide a form running analysis, one-on-one practices to work on form, or a one-on-one to get a great workout! Let us know how we can help. We provide one-on-one sessions for $60. Email Coach Donnie for more details or questions.

Small Group Training

Do you have a small group of friends that would like to workout together with a coach? We can help a group of athletes improve their fitness, coordination, and strength in preparation for an upcoming event or season. Practices would provide a structure that athletes could follow on their own to continue to improve in a healthy way over time. Email Coach Donnie for more details or questions.

Personal Training Questionnaire