We know families usually have a full summer schedule planned. In an effort to keep kids active over the summer and get them away from computer screens we are offering flexible programming. We will host Crazy Running sessions multiple days each week and with the purchase of a punch card you can attend the number of practices that work for your summer schedule. If you plan on being in Winston-Salem all summer we would love for you to join us for every single summer practice.

Summer Track & Field

This is a program designed to teach young athletes the fundamentals of Track and Field – jumps, hurdles, sprints and distance events! Athletes will do lots of running, sprinting, jumping, bounding, stretching, speed development, endurance development, form drills, strength exercises and more! This program is GREAT EXERCISE, awesome conditioning, and speed development! 

Tykes Crazy Runners (age 3-4)
Junior Crazy Runners (age 5-7)
Upperclassmen Crazy Runners (ages 8-14)
June 12th – July 14th, 2022
Sun/T/Th 6-7pm
Sundays & Thursdays @ Miller Park
Tuesdays @ Happy Hill Park Track
5-practice Track Punch Card for $50
10-practice Track Punch Card for $90
15-practice Track Punch Card for $130
Unlimited Summer Track & Speedsters $190

Kidz Track Meet

Crazy Runners (ages 2-14)
Sunday July 17th, 2022
WSSU’s Civitan Track
* 4 year-olds & under: FREE and need to register

Summer Speedsters

Our Summer Speedsters program will have a focus on getting kids prepared for fall sports. There will be a conditioning component and a speed development component. Each practice will follow a similar structure with a warmup run, form running drills, a workout, a cool down run, and stretches. Our workouts include lots of running, plyometrics, sprints, agility drills, and hills.  As with all of our Crazy Running programs we disguise our workouts with fun games and team challenges. Be sure to bring a water bottle, wear comfortable athletic shoes, and athletic gear. 

Who:Tykes Crazy Runners (age 3-4)
JR Crazy Runners (age 5-7)
Upperclassmen Crazy Runners (age 8-14)
When & Where:Miller Park
July 19th – August 21st, 2022
T/Th/Sun 6-7pm
Cost:5-practice Speedsters Punch Card for $50
10-practice Speedsters Punch Card for $90
15-practice Speedsters Punch Card for $130
Unlimited Summer Track & Speedsters $190