Winter Conditioning

Crazy Running – Winter Conditioning, one of our most popular training sessions, include weeks of endurance, strength and speed development for youth ages 5 – 14. Sixty-minute workouts include running, stretching, strength training, running form work, plyometrics, speed development and more! The Crazy Running program motivates, encourages, and challenges young athletes to push themselves, improve their fitness and develop their athletic ability. We find that athletes do benefit from participating one day per week, but find that the athletes that participate more than one day per week grow more athletically. Crazy Running Winter Conditioning will help the young athlete: be more prepared for spring sports, increase speed and endurance, improve core strength, increase overall fitness in the off-season, become a stronger athlete! Play Crazy, Run Hard!

Hanes Park

Tyke Crazy Runners (ages 3-4) **Sundays only
Junior Crazy Runners (ages 5-7)
Upperclassmen Crazy Runners (ages 8-10)
Teen Crazy Runners (ages 11+)
January 8th – February 23rd, 2023
Sundays/Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00pm
Hanes Park
1-day/week $70
2-days/week $130