Are you interested in a fulfilling career, giving back to the sport you love and having the flexibility of owning your own business? 

Wed love to talk to you about a Crazy Running franchise in your town. 

Our goal is to positively impact the health and future of young athletes through running.  Challenging exercise is made fun, and through the discipline of running, young athletes learn the importance of goal setting, mental toughness, determination and perseverance. 

There is an incredible need for the level of exercise that Crazy Running provides for today’s youth. Children lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Physical Education programs are being cut from schools. The specialization of childhood sports is forcing children to choose a specific sport from an early age, and young athletes are not getting an opportunity to develop functional strength and endurance.  Childhood obesity is a nation-wide problem.

Our programs are based around structured, time and kid-tested curriculum developed by an experienced coach. Within each curriculum, we strive to develop endurance, strength, speed and flexibility with unique elements of traditional workouts and the incorporation of play, which makes it fun for kids. Crazy Running has been playing crazy, running hard and having fun for over a decade with thousands of children. We have developed the support, infrastructure and training you need to run a successful business and have flexible, fulfilling work all while becoming an integral part of your community as an advocate for youth! 

The quality of our brand rests in the quality of the people that lead our programs. We are successful because of our exceptional, purpose driven franchisees. Crazy Running is proud of its history of passionate, well-qualified leaders.  They bring enthusiasm, encouragement, a love for kids, and endless energy! 

In the summer of 2009 we started with a small group of Crazy Runners training on one track. We always dreamed of reaching more kids and sharing our passion across the country. 

*Do you have a passion for running and/ or exercise and a healthy lifestyle?

*Do you enjoy working with kids?

*Are you full of energy and think quickly on your feet? 

*Are you a positive person that has the ability to motivate, encourage and lead others? 

*Can you roll with the punches? 

*Would you like to have a financially and personally rewarding, flexible career that is a positive force in your community? 

Contact us to learn more about running your own Crazy Running franchise!