Elite Running Program

 Who:Athletes ages 9-14
 When:February 25th-April 15th
Thursday 5:30pm and/or Saturday 9:00am
 Where:Fleet Feet
709 Greenville Blvd SE
Cost:1 Day: $80*
2 Day:$160*
(Includes race fee for Pirate Alumni Road Race)

In the elite group, our emphasis is on giving young people the tools they need to be successful endurance athletes. A former Division 1 track and cross country athlete at ECU, Coach Andrew Ciaccia brings years of competitive running experience to each practice. Athletes will learn running form and dynamic mobility drills, as well as strength and dynamic flexibility work.  We teach the skills to take your child’s athleticism to the next level and guide young athletes on how to effectively incorporate them into their routines. Our goal is to build strong, fast, coordinated, healthy and knowledgeable athletes. 

This group is for our more serious young athletes. All participants should be able to run one mile in 11 minutes or less with limited stopping. We highly recommend these athletes be able to hit the running standards and come ready to work very hard. If a child is below the age of 9 but you think would be a great fit email crazygreenville@crazyrunning.com