Owner / Operator

Briana Arnold

A young native of Raleigh, NC and an Exercise Physiology student athlete alumna of Winston Salem State University, I had troubles determining how to complete my direct calling on earth. 
As a first-generation college student, I was exposed to a plethora of opportunities to experience things my parents never had the chance to. From furthering my education, to lifelong lessons via the women’s basketball team, to a trip out the country, all expenses paid, to simply build homes for the less fortunate, I can truly say WSSU placed a tremendous impact on my life. More importantly, that is where I also got exposed to this amazing program by the name of Crazy Running. While enrolled at WSSU I was able to serve as a coach, for two seasons, for Crazy Running. Not only did the program serve well to the youth in the community, but the simple interactions I got to encounter with each and every child, shedding laughter and light, serving not only as a coach but also a mentor, is what pushed me a step further to bring this program to my hometown.

It is clear though I would have not progressed this far without the assistance of my parents, coaches, and mentors that stood by my side every step of the way. I was determined to not only be the first to graduate college but do it via athletic scholarship. If there was something else I was sure of, I knew my calling involved giving children guidance, that I was once given, based in an athletic setting. Not only guidance, but displaying the importance of teamwork, and how this lifelong skill will transcend into their soon to be professional world. I currently work full time in the IT field serving as a Sr. Project Manager, but striving for great health and success in everything I conquer, I am proud to announce an addition to my title as a Franchisee owner of Crazy Running.  I am blessed to initiate this experience at only 24 years of age but my ultimate purpose and foundation is based upon this thought… “while I still have the chance, it is a duty of mine to give back everything that was once given to me”.