Winter Training 2022

These sixty-minute workouts are designed and led by a USA Track and Field certified coaches. Workouts include running, stretching, strength training, running form work, plyometrics, speed development and more! The Crazy Running program motivates, encourages, and challenges young athletes to push themselves, improve their fitness and develop their athletic ability.  Crazy Running Winter Conditioning will help the young athlete: Be more prepared for spring sports, increase speed and endurance, improve core strength, increase overall fitness in the off-season, and become a stronger athlete! Play Crazy, Run Hard!

Winter Training Programs 2022

 Who:Crazy Runners (ages 5-14)
Sundays January 23rd – February 20th (Barry Park & Bradford Park)
Wednesdays January 26th – February 23rd (Barry Park)
 Where:Richard Barry Park (Huntersville)
Bradford Park (Huntersville)
Cost:$68 for Sundays only, or $120 for both Sundays and Wednesdays (at Barry Park only)

Elite Winter Training Program 2022

 Who:Crazy Runners (ages 9-15)
Wednesdays January 26th – February 20th
 Where:Richard Barry Park (Huntersville)